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В наличност

42,00 лв

Цена без ДДС: 35,00 лв
Производител: Herm Sprenger
Код на артикула: Ролка


The new boom brake rewards by ist very solid type without removable parts. 
It has 5 fixed sheaves, which are arranged between 2 case plates. 1, 2, 3 and 4 are fixly screwed. 
The sheave no. 5 is also a fix sheave, but it can be infinitely moved in the slot of the case plates from the upper position ,,L'' to the lower position ,,F''. The sheave can then be fixed in each possible position. 
By this a continuous adjustment of the wrap angle around the sheaves 2, 3 and 5 and thereby the friction and a stepless adjustment of the ground-brake efficiency is achieved. By sheave no. 5 this is uasually adjusted once. With the tension of the braking rope the braking effect can be increased up to complete blocking (lazy guy function). By light releasing of the tension the brake can be carefully disconnected. 
The braking rope is fixed on both sides of the boat on height of the shrouds, e.g. on the chain plates with a 3-4 fold tackle. 
The free ends of the tackle are leid inside teh cockpit, from where on each sides the tension of the brake rope and the thereby thereby the braking effect can be adjusted. 
If the braking effect has to be changed, it is reached by increase or decrease of the rope tension. If the tall boom should be free-moving, this is reached by complete release of the breaking rope tension. 

A model for 20 mm brake rope (type 04-20) is available as special model. 

Your advantages: 
• safety on runnings 
• safety when jibing 
• defusion of the situation at accidental gybe 
• cage: stainless steel 
• sheaves: brass
Дължина 195 мм
Ширина 75 мм

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